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Pend Oreille Mechanical has an experienced and seasoned crew of service technicians who have supported the greater Sandpoint area for more than 15 years. The team brings years of local knowledge and expertise on every call.




Our service technicians have over 30 years of combined experience on HVAC systems. They have both worked in the area for 15+ years and bring an extensive knowledge set to every customers unique needs.

POM is happy to provide both maintenance and service to almost any brand of furnace or heat pump.


Air Conditioning

Call an expert you can trust when your air conditioning is letting you down. 


The crew at POM provides both routine maintenance and service to almost every brand of A/C unit or Mini Split on the market. 


Boiler Systems

When your radiant is acting up, our technicians will know just what to do. Our crew has an extensive knowledge of many boiler system set ups and are ready to face any challenge that may arise.

POM offers yearly maintenance appointments as well as service to boiler ran radiant systems.


  Refrigeration (Commercial Only)

With many years of experience POM is happy to provide expert support to local businesses in need of refrigeration services.

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